Vital Singing
being a path of peace

with jean-philippe seunevel

      Vital Chanting is a natural
   expression of joy coming from
      a state of innerpeace

In the silence of each breath in,

accepting to welcome inner peace. 

Surrender to it and let it guide us to the  

vital chanting threw each breath out.

Share abundantly.


If we consent to feel each breath as it comes 

to us, it can be lived as an always new stroke,  

a sky'massage that comes for delighting

in the earth of our body.


No need to know how to sing or to know music but the inner need to leave oneself be tought by the kindness, the wiseness of the vital breath and to enjoy together.

From october friday 16th 2015 at 10am

to sunday october 18 at 1pm

À la Salamandre, une ferme-auberge,

respectueusement active dans le majestueux Diois.

Pré Martal - 26410 - BOULC - Plan 

Apporter chaussons, couverture, coussin, vêtements confortables.


Home and food : 138 €

Vital Chant workshop : 120 €

Coming sooner is possible. 


Inscription / Renseignements hébergement

Florence et Luc - 00(33)683 90 23 20 - 04 75 21 24 72

Mail :

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Take your room

send a 30 € check, to the name of : "La Salamandre"

adress : La Salamandre - Pré Martal - 26410 - BOULC - F


Contact Jean-Philippe

either in the contact page or by phone :

mobile 00(33)620 270 627 - home 00(33)953 419 580

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Since 1986, Jean-Philippe is walking threw a path

that he calls Vital Chant, the art of spontanneous singing. He is sharing it threw live performance, concert, healing chanting, créative pedagogy, accompanying, art-therapy. With others presence lovers, he is the founder of "Mille Voix" association and artistic director of "Kaoutchán", 

a spontaneous singing group. 


 The song of the Galeyson River